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Zimbabwe’s Collapse: Some Explanations

The turn into the new millennium coincided with Zimbabwe’s worst economic crisis. It was characterised by a 40 percent decline in GDP (World Bank, 2006), a rate of inflation that had been rising since 2000 and reached its highest at more than 1 500 percent in 2008 (CSO, 2008) and acute foreign currency shortages. The […]

Some Hard Questions for Zimbabwe in 2017

A belated welcome to 2017! Some of us were still dreading the obligations of planning for the year ahead and thinking through what needs to be done to turn around the fortunes of our country. However, there is something special about a new year, the rains and green environment- so beautiful-makes you realize that this […]

Prospects for Political Mobilization in Present-Day Zimbabwe

Revisiting: ‘Beyond the Crises- Prospects for Transformation in Zimbabwe’ Postscript/Afterthought One  by Dr. Tendai Murisa Introduction Predicting the future is one of the most unreliable sciences. It is even worse in politics. In Zimbabwe, like in many other countries, we have had the privilege of good analysis to help us make sense of what may seem […]