Prospects for Political Mobilization in Present-Day Zimbabwe

There is an urgent need to embark on a comprehensive analysis of what one may call political behavior in Zimbabwe. given the recent developments in both the MDC and ZANU PF parties, the question is- what is the future of Zimbabwean politics? Should we still remain beholden to charismatic/messianic politics based on the gifted orator or do we need to think in other terms? Is there room for a new kind of politics- that is grounded within the current socio-economic realities of Zimbabwe and also based on citizenship and class?

File Size:   82kb
Date:        2016
Author:     Tendai Murisa

Beyond The Crises Launch (Video)

Dr. Tendai Murisa, co-editor of the book “Beyond the Crises: Zimbabwe’s Prospects for Transformation”, makes a presentation opening the official launch of the book.

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Date:        11 February 2016
Author:     Tendai Murisa (Editor)

Re-imagining Democracy and Political Transformation in Zimbabwe

My own contribution begins by providing a wider context for discussion on prospects for transformation. It acknowledges that Zimbabwean intellectuals and other scholars have sought to engage with issues of transition and transformation for 30 years or more, issues of democracy and change for over 25 years. The final part of my contribution not only establishes the common elements in that literature and the book being launched today, “Beyond the Crises: Zimbabwe’s Prospects for Transformation”, but also their limitations. I also reflect on the ‘Democracy Manifesto’ contained in the book.

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Date:        2016
Author:     Prof. L. M. Sachikonye